Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Well Stated

I stumbled onto Peonicus' View of Politics the same day I started my new blog and I thought it would be a good excuse to post a reaction and test out my blog a little more.

I was amazed to hear criticism for both the left and the right so early in the post. Right off I was saying to myself "my thoughts exactly."

When I read:

What we need is for the existing society to behave with the primary goal of the
good of the whole. This means that we focus less on our personal fortunes, and
more on using our influence to do good. We must start at the most fundamental
unit of society: our families. First, we need to respect and honor our spouses
even more than ourselves. Then we must be loving parents, and teach our children
to love and respect others despite inevitable differences.

I recognized some positively primitive thinking - like my own. The answer does not lie in making new laws to govern campaign finance - although those might be helpful. The answer lies in returning to who we are - people who want better lives for ourselves and our children. If that is our primary focus, and if we can remember to "forgive and ask for forgiveness," we may be able to get past our mudslinging and divisiveness and start to find actual solutions. That makes me begin to wonder, is Peonicus right in suggesting:

What would happen in the Middle East if everybody there, Jews and Muslims alike
taught their children that there is no us and them, there is simply us. I think
the fighting would end tomorrow, and the poverty of the region could be ended by
It would be nice if he was, but we'll never know unless more people think like this.

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