Friday, August 18, 2006

Linking to Newpapers

For today's edition I thought I would share a tool I found back with my previous blogs. It is most useful for those who like to blog their reactions to news items. I used to link to New York Times articles and that would become a problem once those articles left the one week timeframe and were no longer accessible for free. I was not the first to see this problem because someone else made a tool which generates special links to articles in the New York Times which are freely accessible in perpetuity. (They do this with the permission of the people at the New York Times so there is not question regarding the legality of the tool or the practice.)

I don't know how many other major newspapers pose this challenge for news bloggers nor if any of them also have such tools, but this is a great tool for anyone who does that kind of blogging and likes as a news source.

I was reminded of this tool when I linked to an NPR story yesterday. I don't know how much I will need it since before I was often commenting on Op/Ed pieces which are mostly only Times Select (paid service) now. Since I don't pay for that access I may not use the tool much, but hopefully it can be useful for other people.

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