Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Gardening Hobby

During this last year, as I have been settling into my house and working on my yard, I have begun to really enjoy gardening. I did plenty of it in my childhood, but it is different now.

Back then I remember the gardening mostly for planting, roto-tilling, pulling weeds, and picking the produce. There's nothing wrong with all those things and they are certainly a part of gardening. The difference now is that I see the gardening much differently. I have worked hard on making flower gardens and a vegetable garden in my yard and I have enjoyed taking the time to watch the life in the various plants. I love to observe how they grow. In the flower gardens I always try to make sure that things are appealing visually, but in the garden I let things grow a little more wild. That does not make for the highest yield, but I enjoy watching it more.

The bane of gardening when I was young was that the weeds seemed to grow easier than any of the plants that we planted. As I have watched my garden grow I have been entertained as I have seen some of my squash and pumpkin plants overrun the most tenacious species of my weeds.

I have also seen some other things that make me marvel at the tenacity of life. When I was getting flowers for my flower gardens I found that I really like delphiniums. We bought three varieties and planted them in our main flower garden. It was not too long before we came out one morning to find that the one we liked the best was broken off at the ground as if it had been kicked over. That was very disapponting. A few days later I was surprised to discover that there were two little shoots of a new dephinium growing out of the roots from the old one. I was just amazed at how tenaciously a plant can cling to life when I would have expected it to die. The plant has now survived two such occurances.

To top my observances off, yesterday I discovered a flower among my carrots. It was a type of flower that I can't name right now, but I have seen it for sale in nursaries. I have no idea how it got into the carrots - we didn't buy any and I have not seen any elsewhere, but I got a new flower for free which I have now transplanted into one of the flower gardens.

It is those kinds of random occurances that ensure that I can never tire of working in the garden and observing the growth of the plants. As a nice bonus, I get to eat the fruits of my labors (many times fresh off the vine - before it has ever come inside the house).

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