Saturday, August 26, 2006


Do you ever come to the end of a day and find that, although you intellectually know the structure of what you have done for the last few hours, you have no impression in your mind of what took place over the course of the day?

Today is one of those rather blank days. I know that I watched the kids today for a while and read some Terry Pratchett (Small Gods). We went grocery shopping and then went to a party for my best friend and enjoyed the company of a number of friends from back in high school - along with their families. In some ways it felt like a trip back to the past. Past or not, it was a welcome, if brief, respite from the feeling of being ctiphl'd.

Despite that intellectual recitation of the goings on of the day, I have no feeling for the hours since I woke up this morning. Does that ever happen to other people?

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