Thursday, August 24, 2006

Plan Something for Me Day

I must have missed the memo, but all signs point to today being some sort of national holiday where everyone planned things for me all on the same day. I had planned to go to the conference that I mentioned yesterday, which made it necessary to reschedule the play that my wife and I were going to see tonight (so we were even in on this whole conspiracy). After that my scout troop planned a court of honor tonight and I, as the scout committee chair, had to do the paperwork and acquire the awards for the ceremony. On top of that, it is the beginning of school and there was a class I would like to take that starts today. Then with things piling up, I learned that my cousin was getting married today - I'd sure like to go to the wedding.

Well, I got through the day although I have been running like crazy all day. I don't mind it - just so long as it is not an annual event.

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