Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Desk Job

When I was interviewing for this job they warned me that, being a small company, people have to wear a lot of hats. I liked the sound of that because monotony is not my bag. What they didn't tell me was that this desk job included making my own desk. I spent a large portion of the day, between customer service calls, working on building my desk so that the person whose desk I have been borrowing can have his space back when he returns tomorrow.

Building the desk and a small utility stand was a fun project, but I would be very surprised if I ever had another job where I would be required to build my own workspace.


Bill said...

I'd be suprised if you ever have to wear THAT hat again, even in your own company.

Jason said...

Changing hats every so often can be great - especially if it involves working with individuals with whom you wouldn't get to work with otherwise. In my limited experience, I've been privileged to change hats regularly.

As a sales clerk I got to learn to drive our forklift to load and unload trucks of firebrick (this after the untimely death of our forklift operator).

As IT director, I can't tell how many times I've built, torn down, rearranged and redistributed office furniture. Also as IT director, I've stuffed envelopes for mass mailings, ushered at political conventions, and done trash and bathroom scrubbing duty.

All these are, in my opinion, great opportunities to grow, learn humility, hang out with other people, etc.

I'm sure by now you've learned that if you sit at your desk long enough, you'll be grateful for another opportunity for a change, however humbling.

David said...

That was why I liked the idea of having many hats, I love the opportunity to view life from different perspectives in order to broaden my own experience and understand other people better.

Peonicus said...

I wonder if they'll give you four bricks to put under the legs of the desk and call it a raise.