Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pictures as Promised

Here is the first picture I took of Isaac.

This picture was two experiments combined - first, use the self timer on the camera (I had never done that with this camera before); and second, get four children to look at the camera at the right time. I cropped the image, but this is us, today, after I brought the girls to the hospital from church.

One more of Isaac - lest we forget who's day it is.


Camille said...

SOO Fantastic David! Congratulations again!

Peonicus said...

Love the pics, Congrats Dave. You guys all look great. Pardon the use of the word "guy" It originates from Guy Fawkes who apparently was one ugly dude. Originally "guy" was a insult but over time has become just a generic word for bloke or chap. See wikipedia for more info.

David said...

Thank you both. And thanks for the info, I'll never think of "guy" in the same way again.