Thursday, November 30, 2006

Looking Forward

I just passed 100 posts to this blog in just over 3 months since I started it. It was fun to see that. Despite that milestone I still feel like I am developing a feel for where this blog will go.

I have noticed that I enjoy writing politically oriented content when I find news of a political nature. Maybe that is because I am interested in a wide range of political topics and in political participation in general. With the official announcement today that Tom Vilsack would seek the Democratic presidential nomination for 2008, I have decided on one thing I will be doing with this blog in the future. I have decided that, for each person who announces their candidacy officially, I will research the candidate and make an endorsement for every candidate who I feel would make a good president. These endorsements will not indicate who I will be voting for (that has not been decided yet) but will indicate who I think deserves votes.

I will do this for any candidate who is running (not those who look like they will run) from any party so long as my research indicates that they could be a good president. In other words, don't expect to hear anything about the likes of General Zod.

Look for my endorsement, or anti-endorsement if I think they would not be a good president, on any candidate I hear about within a week of when I learn of their official candidacy. If you hear about a candidate that I have not yet listed please let me know.


The Tufted One said...

Since I am in the mid-west, I would be interested in your opinion of Sam Brownback and of Barak Obama. (I have opinions about each, but I'm curious about what you think.)

David said...

No problem. Sam Brownback has filed as a candidate with the FEC so I will have an endorsement for him soon (I'm a little behind) and I have little doubt that Barak Obama will declare his candidacy in the next few weeks so I will cover him then.

I'm a little behind right now on the candidates who have filed with the FEC - I have at least three endorsements to do.