Sunday, December 10, 2006

Too Busy

Yesterday was one of those days. I wanted to get the Christmas lights up on the house and possibly write another candidate endorsement. Instead my day went something like this:

  • Get up with Isaac for night feedings at 2:00am and 5:30am
  • Run 6 miles at 6:00am
  • Help get breakfast on the table for the kids who have kept Laura up since I left to run
  • Talk about what the girls want to do today
  • Start putting clips on the house to hang the lights
  • Run to the store for extension cords and light socket adapters (skipping lunch)
  • Have a friend over for games
  • Finish getting the lights up
  • Go to a dinner/Christmas party
  • Put the girls to bed
  • Feed Isaac for his late feeding
  • Fall in bed - looking forward to the night feedings

I would love to show a picture of the lights on the house but, thanks to a shortage of lights at the store, I only have half the lights I wanted so it still looks a little weak - even by my meager standards. I guess you'll have to settle for a picture of what my hair looks like after a six mile run once I have run my fingers through it and it has had time to dry.

Hair after 6 mile run plus drying time.

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