Monday, December 04, 2006

Tom Vilsack

Tom Vilsack is finishing his second term as the governor of Iowa. He did not run for re-election. My research indicates that Vilsack had a vision for his state and in his eight years in office he succeeded in implementing that vision to a great degree. This suggests the ability to focus on a goal and work with others to make it happen. This shows leadership.

In my searching, Vilsack came across as a candidate with ideas and experience who is ready to do more than talk about what should be done. Rather than forming an exploratory committee, he made his decision to run and filed his papers for candidacy. This suggests that he will take action once he makes a decision.

The language of his dialog is positive and issue oriented. I hope to see this kind of campaigning continue when there is a specific opponent to campaign against. In other words, I hope to see more of campaigning for issues and ideas and less of campaigning against other candidates.

I endorse Tom Vilsack for President.


Anonymous said...

Five years ago I interviewed Tom Vilsack on a Walk Across Iowa. It is the second interview on Episode 59 of "Perils For Pedestrians", now available on Google Video at:

Contents of Episode 59 (2001):
--A new safety device for transit buses.
--Governor Vilsack walks across Iowa.
--The Fifth Annual Native American Lifesavers Conference in Bismarck, ND.
--Pedestrians form 25 percent of traffic fatalities in Indian Country.
--Bike-Walk Virginia meets in Charlottesville, VA.
--An old pedestrian mall is seeing new life in Charlottesville, VA.
--The League of American Bicyclists hosts a legislative summit in Washington, DC.
--The Thunderhead Alliance promotes local bicycle advocacy.

Thank you.

John Z Wetmore

David said...

Thanks for that information.

If anyone is interested in seeing the interview, here is a link to the section with Governor Vilsack.

The Tufted One said...

Here is a recent article about Vilsack.,2933,250788,00.html