Friday, September 29, 2006

Need to Work

I have been busy trying to land a job this week. I've had interviews and lunch meetings. I've had phone calls and applications. I just have not had work yet. I had been hoping something would happen and I could post it, but not so far.

Today I just had to work. I have been working at helping my brother-in-law move. He and his family are going to New Zealand so they have to get rid of almost everything. They gave us almost all of their food storage. When we brought it to our house on Wednesday night we just stacked it without organizing it. Steve said he expected that it would just stay there for two years - untouched. What he didn't count on was that I have lots of time on my hands right now. What he couldn't have counted on was that I would get a bug today to do some serious work.

I organized all the boxes, labeled all the cans and moved everything around the garage so that we could store as much as possible (which was only 2/3 of what they had to give us - we have to give the rest to another sibling). By the time I was done today I felt tired, but much better. I realized that people have more reasons to work than just to earn money - it also helps them to avoid going crazy. Now I just need to find a job to keep me gainfully employed so that I don't have to make up my own work around the house.

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