Saturday, September 02, 2006

Good News for the G.O.P.

While I was just catching up on the news, I came across an article in the New York Times declaring that the rank and file memebers of the G.O.P. are not following the dictates of Karl Rove. I think that's great news. I have thought many times that the Democratic Party seemed to have lost its way. I felt that they had very little to contribute outside of a constant cry of "Republicans are bad, just look at what Kink George is doing." Lately I have begun to think that the Republican Party should lose their way since the way they seem to be leading the country is looking more and more like a path to self-destruction.

I am not talking about the war in Iraq, or the economy. I am talking about the "us vs. them" mentality. The Democrats seemed to be lacking an "us." From the Democrats it felt like a "them vs. not them" mentality. Thankfully that looks like it might be changing. I just hope that one or both parties can come to something along the lines of "us and not us" where there is no assumption that "anyone who does not agree with us is anti-American (or stupid, or evil, or any other slanderous generalization)." The parties should stand for something so that I can respect them even if I disagree with them.

With the issue of abortion, most people talk about "pro-life vs pro-choice". Both sides seem to be for something. Unfortunately, I have heard ardent supporters of each side of the debate talk about "pro-choice vs anti-choice" or "pro-life vs anti-life." Those are both "us righteous crusaders for truth, justice, and the American way vs those stupid, communist, fascist, devil worshiping, neo-something-or-other social lepers" types of mentalities. They are not constructive, but they are passionate. I don't mind passionate, but I would hope to have more constructive attitudes come to the forefront of both parties so that we can have some lively national debate on issues, and at the end of the day we still make things happen.

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