Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I said I would try to run on the 30th of December to see how my ankle was doing, but I didn't. I finally concluded (without running that day) that I was going to have to believe what I had read that this kind of injury could take weeks (up to 8) to heal. After consulting with my brother-in-law (the triathlete) I decided that I should get a cycling trainer so that I could do bike workouts which would help me increase my stamina without doing further damage while my ankle healed. That also allows me to exercise at home at times when I would not be able to go out running.

I started working out after my trainer arrived this week and I love it. I don't work all the same muscle groups, but it's a great aerobic workout which is probably the thing I need more than the specific muscles for running - I'm already running as fast as I need to for my goal I just need to work up to being able to go for 26 miles. I figure I will continue to cycle for some of my workouts throughout my training and after the marathon I will continue to do a mixture of running and cycling.

I have also heard from a variety of people that I was looking more fit. I finally began to notice that myself this week. This race is going to cost me a lot more than I had initially thought - I'm going to need to buy a new wardrobe by the time I'm done because my pants are all baggy now.

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